The proposed method in the classroom

Category : + info and process ยท by Jun 21st, 2013

How can it be used in the class?

The interface is part of the lesson plan of the teacher. It replaces the traditional blackboard. Explanations and traditional methods to use can be displayed simultaneously by the movement of the arc on the visual interface. The student can then internalize the process of trying and additionally get help and feedback from the teacher.

Process, Visualization and Listening: The student, during the hearing and by the visual impression try to imitate the motion (without bow).

Exercise: You can practice the movement alone or along with music. In the proposed interface, there will be vertical lines which would indicate the pulse.

Results: the student can record and watch and listen to what he has done.

  • This process can be repeated as often as necessary until the student is satisfied with the result.
  • The recordings can be sent to teachers in the weeks and this can give his feedback to the student (Eg. Good, Warning you are not playing in tempo)

After all exercises to get ratings, which function according to cumulative way. At the end of the level achieved is represented by a color.

There are so use the Violin Painting the possibility of online exchanges between students. Is recommended for students in the same school, the same teacher, or for those who live in a city because the motivation can be enhanced through the competition.