Fourth Session: Drawing prototype testing

Category : + info and process ยท by Jun 21st, 2013


During the latest sessions we had, we aimed to fine tune the Visual response to the violinist’s bow strokes so they could be better represented on the interface.

Basically this prototype has 3 lines which represent the original sample (green) which should be followed by the other 2 (purple) which try to catch up with the sample, so you can can have kind of a “Karaoke” interaction; although properly defining the user experience, interface design and player interaction is the next step.

We faced different challenges:
1. Define coordinate system: Find out how should we work with the coordinate system. (We are visualising in 2d while we are tracking 3d movements).
2. Do the math: make linear transformations for every value you want to work with.
3. Define the origin and reference of the system: One size fits all! It should work either the player is short or tall, e.g.
4. What’s best, to work with position information, or speed change information? actually, both, but apparently speed changes work best to easily draw and fine tune the particles and their changes in direction and speed.
5. Are we doing an adequate translation of the bow strokes into the interface? We’re getting there we think! we want to properly achieve a proper sense of the metaphore between a bow stroke and a brush stroke.

Prototype testing 1: free playing

Prototype testing 1: free playing2